March 01 2022

Dear family, this is the most current image of our Sun. As you can see, it has many active regions, this increase in activity is what causes the vibrational frequency to increase throughout the Solar System (it is as if the flame had been raised to the stove). Regardless of the fact that there are many active regions, the magnetic interaction between them does not indicate, at least for now, that a large solar flare or Coronal Mass Ejection could be generated. I clarify this because the «news» is circulating out there that the Sun could cause a flare «killer of planets» in the coming days. It is true that there is a type of event (which could potentially happen in any star) of such a large magnitude that it could «kill» a planet (or several) due to a massive amount of electromagnetic energy (it would be like a kind of space nuclear bomb but not a supernova event that would also destroy the star itself). The conditions of our Sun make it practically impossible for a «planet killer» flare to happen because it does not have the physical conditions for such a thing to happen. Although we are expecting a significant Solar Event to happen, you can rest assured that it will not be something that destroys our planet (don’t fall for those «news» that only seek to sell more advertising and/or have more clicks and more views). Above all, do not fall into the fear game, nor look for too many explanations or theories to what is happening in the three-dimensional reality because it is all part of a last attempt to polarize us. The best thing you can do now is to remain neutral and in your center, that you fall into the game of fear, the only thing that will change will be your own vibration and not the external circumstances. Have full confidence that the greater plan is being fulfilled and that we have already «lived» all of this in another dimension and now we are only seeing it manifest in the material world so that we can live it as a physical experience through all our senses. 🦋💥🌎

This month is going to be even more intense than the previous ones because the «voltage» will continue to increase steadily (in terms of solar physics, it officially started the maximum solar activity of Cycle #25, a solar cycle lasts about 11 years and although the maximum of solar activity is reached around 5.5 -that is, around the year 2025- in this cycle it’s starting 2 years in advance) and we will be living under the influence of this higher vibration for at least 3 years that is why our physical body is adapting and has been transforming in order to continue living under these new conditions. Our nervous system is conducting more electricity (hence anxiety attacks and general body tremors), our heart is beating more intensely (our heartbeat is electromagnetic energy transformed into an electrical impulse, and that is why before we receive the impact of a solar flare or a Coronal Mass Ejection we have palpitations, extrasystoles -that is, a double heartbeat- or temporary tachycardias because our heart is adapting) and all our organs and systems are doing the same that is why we suffer temporary imbalances in the production of hormones because all our glands are regulated by the electromagnetic energy that we receive from the Sun (for those who want to know more look up «Circadian cycles»). In addition, as there is an increase in the electrical activity of our nervous system, the brain begins to create new connections, activating areas of our brain that we used less because the energy was used in the most basic functions, but now there is enough to reactivate other capacities that we were losing. As a result we can feel that «we are going crazy», that something or someone squeezes or kneads our brain from the inside and on some occasions we can even experience some paranoia, psychotic outbreaks that last a few minutes, hallucinations and in very rare cases even seizures. On the other hand, also thanks to this increase in voltage our consciousness expands (because we are able to tune in to more subtle frequencies that have always been there but that we were unable to identify) and that makes it easier for us to communicate telepathically, in addition to being able to «see» our future and our past or situations that are happening in another part of the world, as well as being able to transmit and receive information and communication without any type of verbal communication involved. This step in the evolution of Human kind (in fact it is in the evolution of all species because animals are also increasing their level of consciousness and are developing capacities that they did not have before – for example, dogs and cats behave like 2 year old children and the wild birds no longer flee from us-) is actually happening to all of us even if not everyone has the context to understand what the heck is actually happening. 🔥☀️🔥

Since yesterday we are under the effect of a Cosmic Radiation wave (which will most likely cause an increase in solar activity in the coming days) so you may have had anxiety (or even panic attacks), dizziness, headache and/or pain in the back of the neck, shoulders and jaw, sensations in the heart chakra such as «pulses», pressure in the ears accompanied by intermittent ringing or «morse» tones, internal heat such as hot flashes (it literally feels like an internal fire starts growing), extreme thirst, excess or lack of hunger, difficulty focusing, skin rashes, and a smell of burnt phosphorus (sulfur) in the urine, feces, and/or sweat. You may also be having the feeling that something huge is about to happen or that you are «about to die», it is also normal to have an increase in signs and synchronicities, and to have vivid or lucid dreams. After this period of «silence» that we still find ourselves in, many will have finally liberated themselves from all the conditioning and wounds of the past (that is why we have been re-living our past) to finally come to the necessary point of which «nothing matters» (it feels like being totally detached -that is, without any emotional reaction to anything and anyone-) because what really matters is the LOVE that we are on this planet for ourselves and for others. Stay well hydrated, trust that everything is fine and as far as possible leave all negative emotions behind, forgive everything and everyone by becoming aware that the three-dimensional reality is only circumstantial and do it as soon as possible because there is no time to waste feeding separation and polarity. If you are still on this plane it is because you can withstand this transforming «fire», burn it all down and free yourselves from the human experience created from the division. We can accept, honor and be grateful for EVERYTHING because the love we are is like the Sun: it is given to everyone without any conditions. That is what we really ARE, although we have had to forget it in order to survive under the rules of a System that divided us. There is a Taoist principle that goes like this: for something to expand it must first contract. Everything is fine, your body is going to resist, your mind is going to resist and your heart too because it is something that you chose to live here and now. This too shall pass. 🔥☀️🌈💎


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