March 03 2022

Dear family, we are currently under the effect of a Kp5 geomagnetic storm that in reality should only be a Kp4 but that, thanks to the speed of the solar wind, increased its intensity. So you most likely woke up with a headache, a slight increase in blood pressure, extreme thirst, ringing in the ears or «background noise» (as if you were listening to a radio or television with static), burning or swelling in lips (sometimes you can even have lip sores that appear out of nowhere), dizziness (can also be a feeling of being drunk or off balance), mental confusion, difficulty concentrating and loss of immediate memory (you may forget names, what you did yesterday, where you left what you had in your hands etc), increased activity in the Heart chakra (since yesterday), increased emotional sensitivity and sudden mood swings (some of you may feel very irritable or as if you were inside a pressure cooker). 🦋☀️🔥

You may also have had vivid or lucid dreams, or dreamed of meteorites falling from the sky, alien invasions, two suns or two moons, dragons crossing the sky, and the planets much closer to Earth. All of these dreams are part of the process because our minds don’t have the context to decode the frequencies we receive while we sleep. Lately many people are also having problems with the Nervous System or are experiencing peripheral neuropathies (tingling sensation or numbness in different parts of the body), in addition to having greater sensitivity in old wounds and scars that have already healed but that have sensitivity or even pain due to the increase in electrical impulse in the nerves. Another important recommendation is to check your endocrine system because many people are having thyroid imbalances, prolactin increases, oxytocin discharges (that is the hormone responsible for uterine contractions) because our glands regulate themselves based on the electromagnetic energy that comes from the Sun, that’s why we also have insomnia because if there is a geomagnetic storm at 12 at night our glands «believe» that it is 12 at noon. Also check your levels of vitamin D and vitamin B12 because during this process the body uses all the reserves it has of these two vitamins to strengthen the Nervous System and the Immune System. Stay well hydrated, listen to your body, and remember that all this physical discomfort is temporary (think of it as traveling from a very cold place to a very hot place, the first few days can be excruciating but after it becomes more bearable because the body adapts); There is no way for these symptoms to disappear, but they can be felt with less intensity if we equalize the vibratory frequency of the energy we are receiving, choosing above all the frequency of unconditional love, even with the discomfort that this process entails. Trust in the greater plan and do not fear, I assure you that you will recover your energy, that you will stop feeling so tired and that all the symptoms will completely disappear. This too shall pass. 🔥☀️🌎🪐💚


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