March 07 2022

Dear family, although this information is related to the dynamics of the «Twin Flame» connection, it is actually of collective interest. At this point I’m having a hard time using the term because the associated story is not exactly how I understand it, but as I always tell you, this is just my way of understanding this dynamic based on my personal experience and it doesn’t have to be the only truth so I ask that if the information does not resonate with you please ignore it. I have no interest in being right or convincing anyone of anything, this is just my experience and if I share this information (the truth is that I was very reluctant) it is because I have received a brutal amount of signals and synchronicities and, to be honest, for me to consider something as a «sign» it has to be almost like a piano falling from the sky in the middle of a storm because I learned to be very skeptical about signs due to my particular experience. So, having clarified this point, I insist that due to the number of signs and synchronicities (I cannot give you specific details, but I do not think it is necessary either) I know that at this time it is necessary that we focus collectively on facilitating the reunion and the union of these «Twin Flames» in three-dimensional reality (it does not matter if they have met once or several times before, or not at all, the important thing is that both parties are in the same vibration 10/10 the number is not accidental, it is actually a message). 🦋🔥🔥🦋

Here I am going to explain in summary what a «Twin Flame» is in the way I understand the dynamics as a result of the downloads of information that I have received, the signs, confirmations, visions, dreams and an endless etcetera after 5 years of putting this puzzle together. The «Twin Flames» are a group of volunteers (there are those who claim that they are only 144,000 people nothing more) who chose to incarnate in this three-dimensional reality at this time in the history of Humanity and Gaia to assist in this process. The «Twin Flames» are the same frequency (the same soul that vibrates at a specific frequency) divided into two physical bodies and two consciousnesses that are encoded (programmed) to meet again on this plane (who incarnates first forgets and who incarnates later). is the one who first remembers the connection because he “knows” what he came for). Regardless of the type of three-dimensional relationship they establish (some will be couple relationships, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way) the goal is for them to meet again because when they meet, the resulting vibration will be like a catalyst for those around them, causing the frequency of the people with whom they have contact (not necessarily physical) increases instantly, in addition to the fact that they will be something like a «lightning rod» for the massive amount of energy that the Solar Event will suppose. For this to happen, the general vibration of Gaia must be compatible and that is why we must focus our attention and our energy on making this happen because in some way it will be a «protective bubble» for Gaia. For many reasons that if I tell them here I think you would not believe me, I began to connect the dots and understood that something important could happen between the 20th and 23rd of this month, but I would not dare to say that it is about that Solar Event that we are waiting for because I never assume as true something that I have not lived as an experience, although to my surprise someone of you sent me a link that helped me to confirm that I am not the only one who has those dates. If I get clear confirmation that it is imminent (I am referring specifically to the solar activity that I monitor through Spaceweather and with the help of a Ph.D. in Physics) I will tell you immediately, for now I am only sharing this because I would be crazier if I ignored all the signs and confirmations received since February 17. ☀️🌎🪐

Do the best you can to embody the highest vibration (personal vibration depends on our emotions and our reactions to experiences and triggers), do not be distracted by three-dimensional circumstances that are not in your hands to solve and those who have the habit of praying and / or meditating let’s pray for this to happen and for all parties involved to REMEMBER the mission and the agreements that they have to fulfill. If it were the case that nothing happened this year, write down the dates because it could happen in 2023, 2024 or 2025, which is when we reach the maximum solar activity of Solar Cycle #25, which is already officially the most active ever. have record until now (it is very difficult to be certain about the behavior of the Sun because it also depends on space weather and is still out of our reach). Trust that the divine plan is perfect and that coincidences do not exist, they are only the way in which we remember who we are and why and what we are here for. 🪐


#Ascension #FifthDimension

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