March 08 2022

Wheeeeeeew! Dear family, please be patient with the messages, emails, comments and individual readings because these last two days have been very intense for me. In addition to the pain throughout my body (which only goes away when I’m under the Sun), the difficulty sleeping and the intermittent dreams where I have full conversations with people that in some cases I don’t even know, the vibration in the body and in the the soles of the feet, the burning in the calves and the stabbing pains in the hip, the anxiety and the pain in the chest due to the activation of the Heart chakra, I also hear a background «noise» as if it were static energy in the environment and I see geometric figures that move (I know that they are the codes that are being activated now, they are not a hallucination), I also feel that «someone» is squeezing my brain as if it were a piece of jelly (some people experience Crown chakra and Third Eye activations as sharp or «solid» pain). It has been a long time since the graph of the Schumann Resonance had no significant movement (remember that the Schumann Resonance is a composite index that can reflect from the effect of a solar storm on our planet to an electrical storm or the increase in the frequencies generated by radio waves) but yesterday and today it has been very active so it is most likely reflecting the impact of a wave of Cosmic Radiation (normally waves of Cosmic Radiation precede an increase in solar activity because everything is also connected in the Cosmos) . So, put up with me for a little while because I also go with massages and lavender oil, electrolytes, quartz crystal and almost the scapular in hand 🤣

Water, Sun, rest and patience family, there is no more. Many ask me what they can do to reduce the symptoms and the answer is always the same: ask your Higher Self and do what your intuition tells you because many times the remedy that works for one is not useful for anyone else (the chemistry of the each person’s body and vibration is unique and individual, that’s why I never tell you to do this or that, you yourselves know better than anyone what you should do). This too shall pass 🌎💥

Oh yes… I removed the previous text about «Twin Flames» because it caused a lot of controversy in the comments of the post, but it is still available on the blog for those who want to read it there. 🔥🔥


#Ascension #FifthDimension

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