March 13 2022

Dear family, we are currently under the effect of a Kp5 geomagnetic storm that is forecast to increase to Kp6 in the next few hours and the truth is that I think it will reach Kp7 but we’ll see. This geomagnetic storm is the result of a class M solar flare that occurred on the 10th in an active region of the Sun that was just in front of the Earth, which means that we will receive the impact of the plasma directly in the next 24/30 hours. In addition, yesterday there was also another Coronal Mass Ejection associated with a class C flare that occurred in a sunspot that was not directed towards our planet, so two things can happen: either they become one and then we reach Kp7 or the first one is deflected by the magnetic field of the second and then we don’t even reach Kp6, but I doubt that the second will happen. ☀️💥🪐

This has been a particularly difficult week for many (in my case it was) since the 8th because the wave of Cosmic Radiation prior to an important solar event (the Class M flare of the 10th) reached us and many people were having many problems in the lower abdomen: cramps, intestinal inflammation, disabling lower back pain, uterine contractions, inflammation in the bladder and reproductive organs etc. This happens because the center of the Earth resonates upon receiving the impact of the wave of Cosmic Radiation and that resonance enters our physical body through the soles of our feet (that is why they hurt, burn or get hot) and begins to ascend through the legs so it can also cause pain or discomfort in the legs and knees, not to mention tremors and vibration throughout the body. Starting in the next few hours and as the Kp index increases, we will begin to feel as though we are in two dimensions at the same time, with a headache and pain in the teeth (sometimes the teeth fall out or break for no reason), with much physical tiredness and little ability to concentrate because we will feel as if we are in two dimensions at the same time. As the energy moves up through the body (and our chakras), we will have increased activity in the Solar Plexus, the pit of the stomach, and the Heart chakra. Some people are likely to experience a slight increase in blood pressure, palpitations and even mild bleeding (MILD, if you have an intense bleed please go to the emergency room) in the gums, nose or any other part of the body. I remind you that if your symptoms are too strong, it is best to go to the doctor, although it is NOT common and happens very rarely, this energy can become so strong for some organisms that it can even divert vertebrae or cause internal bleeding. I insist, it is VERY RARE THAT IT HAPPENS, but it does happen and the best thing is that we take care of ourselves 🙏.

Emotionally and mentally these will also be complicated days because we will have to let go of situations, people and realities that we built from a previous version and from the conditioning we had (almost all associated with past wounds that we sought to heal with others), in addition to nothing It will be as important as taking care of ourselves. It may be that tonight you have difficulty sleeping and that you have dreams that are very significant in relation to your individual process rather than the collective process. You will understand many things that did not seem to make sense and finally you will be able to completely give up the demands of your personality (that is, of the «I» that you built from the character that you made of yourself). Be careful when driving because you may spontaneously go into a trance and not remember what you are doing or why, it will also increase short-term memory loss and you may even break things or bump into objects as if you don’t measure the space between you and what surrounds you. You may also feel discomfort all over your body, have cold and sweaty hands and feet, and your body would need more water than usual. Be patient and trust that this is all only temporary as our bodies have been adapting with each geomagnetic storm and one solar flare at a time. Everything is fine, the plan is perfect. 🦋☀️🔥


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