March 22 2022

Dear family of Carta Astral 222, this is a temporary farewell as a Wayshower because my mission here has already been fulfilled. Actually I don’t know if it is temporary or definitive, but I prefer not to get ahead of myself, the only certainty I have is that I already gave you all the information you needed to remember that you chose to be a Conscious Being inhabiting a physical body on this planet and at this moment of our evolution as a very small part of the Solar System of which we are a part. For me, and as far as my consciousness reaches now, this is a final farewell because you no longer need me (me or anyone else) to continue the process of embodying the Light for yourselves. Choose to be Light, always, in any circumstance and with any person or situation that comes your way. It is a choice, just like not allowing anything or anyone to tyrannize us, being Light is not a gift or a super power, it is just a decision we make consciously. ☀️

The next two months will be transcendent for me because I return fully to Literature (it is what I did before assuming my role as a Wayshower), I change country (those who are in Barcelona and its surroundings will have me closer) and I also start a new project that has nothing to do with all this. I will continue doing personal Tarot readings, in the comments I leave the contact number that I will only use for that purpose, in case one day you want or need one. The page will remain open and public so that you can review previous posts if you need it and because the day that the Solar Event is imminent (there is a way to know it a few hours in advance) I will come running to notify you as soon as I know so that you have time to prepare. ☀️💥

Thank you, thank you, thank you for these 3 years and 8 months of expanding together, and also because we managed to create this community that gave us clarity and calm in the most difficult moments of coping because many times you were also a beacon of light for me. When you read this post, close your eyes for a moment and give yourself a round of applause and a hug because we made it this far (we already knew it, but we forgot). I didn’t do it, you did it, I was just a means for you to receive the messages you needed. THANK YOU so much, it has been an honor to accompany you here. 🌈🌈🌈

March 22 2022


P.S. I have no other page, no personal social media just in case you run into someone pretending to be me or this page in the future. If at any time I return it will be to this page.

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