March 30 2022

Dear family, this is NOT the post in relation to «The Event» that we are waiting for to happen, but I feel the need to do it because my email is overflowed with messages as well as the Whatsapp number that I left exclusively for personal Tarot readings (please, that number is only for readings, I don’t answer anything else out there so I beg you not to use it to ask me about symptoms or to send me links 🙏).

Indeed, solar activity increased drastically from the 28th and has not stopped since then. We are currently awaiting the arrival of two Coronal Mass Ejections associated with a pair of M-class flares that originated in the AR2975 region (as the sunspots that cause these explosions are called) both directed towards Earth, the first was M-class. 4.31 and the second M.2.22 (I know, the joke tells itself), as they happened so close to each other it becomes «a single impact» in the Earth’s measurement systems although they are still 2. This same AR2975 region has just generated a Class X.1 flare (it is that glow you see in the image and that is stronger than the Class M flare because of its complexity not because of its size), although it is not yet known if it has a Coronal Mass Ejection associated. What does all this mean to us? Well, we will be under Geomagnetic Storm conditions fluctuating between Kp5 and Kp7/8 (I believe that we will hit Kp8, which means a severe storm, but only for short periods) starting tonight and until April 2, that is in case that the X.1 class flare that just happened does not have an associated Coronal Mass Ejection because if so, it could increase the Kp index and storm conditions could extend until April 4 or 5. ☀️💥🔥

I am making this post to ask you to remain calm because you will surely see many alarmist news that only intend to cause panic to benefit from the lack of information and fear, this will NOT be a solar storm of catastrophic proportions, nor will it cause cataclysms nor will it be the first indication of the Apocalypse, nor will the Class X.1 flare that just happened, but I assure you that you will begin to see notes in the media warning of extreme situations. The Major Plan is being fulfilled according to what was predicted and to the information that we have been receiving through downloads of information and anticipatory dreams who we accept to be wayshowers for the collective so THERE IS NOTHING TO FEAR. I will remain «in silence» without posting anything (I am doing this one because my email and phone are saturated) until it is about to «The event» being imminent because it is no longer necessary, you already have all the information you need in previous posts and in the videos that are on the channel of the page (in the comments I leave the link to the video I recently made with Amanda Lorence for those who do not understand very well what «The Event» is). Physically, you may be experiencing multiple activations of the Heart chakra for a couple of days (palpitations, double heartbeat, temporary arrhythmia, increased pulse, chest pain, feeling of not being able to breathe deeply, moments of expansion and overflowing love and then move on to affliction and the deepest and most absolute sadness), in addition to gastric problems such as burning in the pit of the stomach, gastritis, stomach pain, upset stomach and nausea mainly in the American Continent (because it is where we have received the greatest flow of protons due to the impact of the flares), headache and facial bones pain, difficulty focusing, dry eyes, pain throughout the body, and extreme thirst. You are also likely to start having tremors or vibrations throughout the body, pain in the neck and teeth, as well as the sensation of being dizzy or in two dimensions at the same time, but that is only after the Kp index begins to increase (that is, after we start receiving the flow of solar particles, for those who want to monitor it on their own, I’ll leave the link in the comments too). It is likely that you will have vivid or lucid dreams and even experience astral projections spontaneously (don’t panic, you will be able to return to your physical body), have downloads of information, epiphanies and visions of your future. Although sometimes it seems that way, remember that you are NOT going crazy, your brain is activating and creating neural connections (due to the increase in electricity) that it could not make before. 🦋🧠💓

Family, do not be afraid, if the Plan is being fulfilled in such a precise way, it is because there is a Destiny to which we must -and will be able- to arrive. Hydrate your body well because this entire adaptation process means a greater expenditure of water and keep the living beings that depend on you, such as plants and animals, well hydrated because they will also require more water. Solar activity will keep going and will continue to increase in the coming days and I return to my retreat until it is time to let you know that «The Event» is imminent. Everything is fine, the plan is perfect. 🌎🪐


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